Brex On The Beach Tour (November 2019)

UK and Scotland

Wir Sind Wieder Wieder Da Tour (October 2019)

Germany and Switserland

Wishful Thinking Tour (August 2019)

Cruising through Czech

Temperatour (July 2019)

Belgium – street tour

Happy Birthday Tour (February 2019)

Scotland – Inverness, Edinburgh

Wir Sind Wieder Da Tour (December 2018)

Germany and Switzerland

The Last Tour Tour (July 2018)

Switzerland, Italy, UK and Ireland

Renegades Tour (June 2018)

Weekend in Schotland: Edinburgh and Inverness.

Tourin' and Whorin' Tour (April 2018)

A week of Ireland… through Limerick, Dublin, Cork and Tramore.

Survival of the Fittest Tour (February 2018)

Three day London tour

Bohemian Intervention Tour 2017

During this trip, for the second time in ten years, Scotch returns to their beloved Chech Republic.
Meeting old friends and making new ones in Prague (Bike Jesus bar), Kolin (Pod Hodinama), Kutna Hora (Ceska 1 Music Club) and Leipzig, Germany (Schreibmachinen Café)
After every show we party hard, even for Scotch standards and every day rising from the ashes gets a little harder, but we will survive!

Wrecking Ball Tour 2017

Whilst still drunk from last night’s gig, we decide to travel to Croatia, accompanied by our friends Juno ‘the night mayor’ and Reinout.
By every means of transportation we’ve seen a lot of the beautiful country side. Every night we’re busking in the streets of some of Croatia’s
awesome medieval cities. Highlight of this tour was our gig at Goulash Disco Festival on the Island Vis.

Hair of the Dog Tour 2017

21 shows in only 13 days on the road traveling through 8 countries (and over 5000km).
Follow our adventures while we’re performing throughout England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Switzerland Tour 2017

Lightning trip to Switzerland visiting Strassbourgh and Liege, bringing the stripey folk party show, everywhere we go.

The Manana Tour 2016

Scotch explores their retirement possibillities at the Mediterranean Coast, Supermercado por aqui?!

The Busking for Love Tour 2016

We start this trip visiting and performing at the refugee camp in Calais and make it to the other side of the channel for a two week tour through Ireland.